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Humanity Warwick understand that every pregnancy is different, so we make an effort to provide bespoke advice for each pregnancy physiotherapy session.

Throughout pregnancy, it is very common to struggle with musculoskeletal issues such as back pain, pelvic pain, or even dysfunctions such as incontinence. Pregnancy physio is a specialised physiotherapy assessment that can help to identify how to alleviate or reduce any of the musculoskeletal symptoms experienced during pregnancy. 

Our specialist Physiotherapists can teach you useful and effective exercises to help reduce any pain or discomfort you experience, provide manual therapy for pain relief, whilst also providing you with useful advice on how to prevent issues from getting worse.

We can help you if you are suffering with any of the following -

  • Pelvic girdle pain or SPD - pain in and around your pelvis with pain travelling down into your inner thighs and hips. Difficulty getting in/out of bed, in/out of the car, pain on walking. 

  • Lower back pain or sciatica - pain into the lower back with leg nerve pain.

  • Mid-back pain or associated Rib pain - pain from the mid-back radiating into the ribs causing 'stitch' feeling.

  • Carpal tunnel symptoms - wrist pains (very common in Pregnancy).

  • Swelling or other circulatory issues including varicose veins.

  • Early/ Mid /Late stage Incontinence - starting to leak when coughing or sneezing? Noticing damping? Specific Pelvic floor exercise can help!

Our Physiotherapist can provide advice and education regarding your issue, provide hands on treatment and/or give you the tools to manage symptoms for the remainder of your pregnancy through exercise and lifestyle advice. 

Get in touch today, we CAN help you ease the Pregnancy related pains.

Book an Initial assessment today!

Initial assessment (60 mins) - £70

Follow up treatment (40 mins) - £55




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