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Packages for Paediatric Physio

Humanity Warwick offer package of care for ongoing Physio treatment, Post-Botox Injections Physio and Supporting you with your child's EHCP.

Long Term Physio

At Humanity Warwick, we can create a package of treatment and support for you and your child. If you require long term, ongoing Physiotherapy, please get in touch and we can discuss a package of care, or your Physiotherapist will be able to advise more after the initial assessment.

Post-Botox Physio

“Following treatment with botulinum toxin it is best practice to provide an adapted physical therapy programme as an essential component of management” Spasticity in under 19's: management. (NICE 2016)

If your child has botulinum toxin (botox) injections planned (either privately or through the NHS) we can provide a package of Physiotherapy tailored to maximise the effects and prolong the benefits of the injections.

  This package includes-
  • An 1 hour 30 minute combined assessment and treatment session delivered 1-2 weeks following the injections

  • 3 further 40 minute treatment sessions delivered over a 4-6 week period

  • A final 60 minute reassessment with a long term programme created and goal setting session

Total Cost of the package = £400

This is the price for appointments to be delivered at our Clinic in Hatton, CV35 8XA.

(Home visits will incur additional costs)

To enquire and book this package please email detailing the date the Botox injections are planned.

Education, Health and Care Plan's

 The Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)  is a legal document that enables provisions to be made by education settings for children with additional needs. If your child has additional physical needs and you require an assessment and report to support this plan we can help.

 Donna is a experienced paediatric physiotherapist with years of experience of writing Physiotherapy reports to support the EHCP process.

This package includes-

  • A 2 hour assessment including history taking and a physical objective assessment with the child and parents/carers.

  • Liaison with relevant agencies to include nursery/school and NHS teams.

  • A comprehensive written report

  • A video consultation to review the report with you prior to distribution


Total Cost of the package = £350

This is the price for the assessments to be delivered at our Clinic in Hatton, CV35 8XA.

(Home visits or school/nursery assessments maybe required and will incur additional costs)

Please email - to request this service and book the initial assessment.

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