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Please don’t suffer in silence. Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for Men's pelvic floor problems.



Men's Health Physiotherapy is a specialised service helping male patients with bladder incontinence, sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction, or support after prostate surgery, bowel cancer surgery or those who suffer with pain.

Often these issues are due to pelvic floor dysfunction (either weakened or overactive pelvic floor).

Following a detailed assessment, the right treatment will be tailored for you, with the aim to restore men’s health and reduce pain / symptoms. 






  • Urinary Incontinence 

  • Overactive bladder - having a sudden desire to go to the toilet immediately with possible leaking of urine before reaching the toilet. There may be a need to visit the toilet more frequently than normal.

  • Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie's disease

  • Ejaculatory Dysfunction

  • Prostatis / swelling of the prostate gland

  • Prostate Surgery - pre / post operation

  • Bowel / Bladder Cancer

  • Bowel dysfuction - faecal incontinence and constipation

  • Post bowel cancer issues / lower anterior resection syndrome

  • Bladder pain syndrome

  • Coccyx pain / Coccydynia​

  • Pain in the groin / pelvis / bowel or genitals.

  • Advice for return to sport 

Nicola is available every Wednesday 9am-2.30pm
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